A Look at the Potential Champions of The Premier League

The premier league has continued to offer epic drama and intrigue with a lot to play for after just seventeen games played. It looks set to be an exciting season as Liverpool look to retain their first title and Manchester City look to make it 3 titles in the last four seasons.

The Carter IMPETUS

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I reacted to the 4 million saga in UYO Akwa-Ibom, which involved Kufre Cater, a supposed human rights activist and a journalist; during the ENDPOLICEBRUTALITY protests in Nigeria.

Udom Emmanuel: Building The Akwa-Ibom of My Dreams

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The Dakkada pledge is not just a sweet tuned chorus but a guide to how I see and perceive Akwa-Ibom State and her people. So far, what Gov Udom urged us to have faith in are manifesting in Akwa-Ibom as a result of his good governance. Truly, God created Akwa-Ibom out of greatness as great things happen here.

COVID-19: An Eye Opener That May Lead To Stronger Institutions and Better Governance

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If there is one thing COVID-19 has taught us also, it is unity in diversity. We are aware that COVID-19 knows no race, ethnicity or tribe, it hits whoever it reaches. So, it has become the duty of everyone to be his brother’s keeper; and, knowing that “until everyone is safe, no one is safe”, we can only do everything within our disposal to ensure everyone’s safety.