About Us

Since this is a personal blog, I know that you expect to read a journal about me. There were so many things happening in my life before I created this blog, so, I will tell you about some particular ones before I proceed with writing stuff as it happens. Stay with me on this journey. By writing about spectacular and awesome experiences that I’ve had previously, it means a lot will keep joining the list as days go by. Do you promise to be with me all the time? I guess you’d always come back for more.

¬†Doraay.com is a blog where I write stories concerning my real life experience, whether beautiful or not so exciting. I think that is what really makes it interesting; because truly in life, we are faced with different tunes of music and as we know… reality is a mix of the good, the bad and the ugly. I usually do not have an idea of how my story and writing may meet you, but please endeavour to give me a hint. I love to know that people are inspired, awed or excited about my write ups because that is the most important, touching lives in the little way we can. If you relate to any story, please share your own experience as I’m always here to keep the conversation going. Let’s tell the world what and where we’ve been and make them envision where we’re going!