Fisherman Catches a Sword Fish at OYOROKOTO earlier today

Fishing is the predominant occupation among the Obolos in Andoni and Eastern Obolo local government areas of Rivers State and Akwa-Ibom State respectively, both situated in Nigeria.

The pictures herein were captured at a fishing settlement at Andoni LGA, which is believed to be the biggest fishing settlement in West Africa. The OYOROKOTO Fishing settlement is at Oyorokoto, Andoni, Rivers State.

This is an evidence of the daily activities of hardworking and skillful fishermen at the OYOROKOTO Fishing Settlement. Andoni is also known for its beautiful sea side, as you can visit it sometime to experience nature at its peak.

Andoni has an area of over 233 km² and is richly blessed with natural resources. There’s a population of over 311,500 and transportation and movement is easy since the town is not over populated.

Andoni is easily accessible by road or water transport which makes the journey even more fun. When next you plan on taking a trip to OYOROKOTO in particular or ANDONI in general, please involve me as I’d be delighted to join you. Let’s go get a plate of soup with plenty obstacles as we experience the soothing feelings that comes with nature! 😉




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