The Carter IMPETUS

The Carter Impetus right now, is the temerity and stillness a human rights activist, Kufre Carter of Akwa-Ibom State, had in selling his voice with which he was supposed to speak for his people and his disreputable actions at Eni Stores on 13th October, 2020 during an END SARS Protests in Uyo, Nigeria.

In brief:
*What is trust?
*Did Kufre’s followers trust him?
*4 million naira saga.

  • “I only received 500k to be shared among 5 people.”
    *When Kufre’s head and mind may have been asleep.
  • Did Kufre Carter return the 500k when he presumably came to his senses?
    *What the Carter Impetus has revealed.

What Is Trust?
Trust at this moment is agreeing to follow you to the protest ground and we all come back from the protest having fulfilled everything human rightly correct to be done by peaceful and focused protesters in a protest ground, on protest marches on the protest day.

Did Kufre’s Followers Trust Him?
Carter’s followers respected and saw him as a kind of man Nigeria may need very much to see the kind of light the youths want. Is it shameful that with the look of things, Carter has washed himself in brown sand and red mud? To say that Kufre Carter’s followers trusted him is to state the obvious. When trust is broken or distorted, can it be restored? Former followers of Kufre are disappointed and distrusted in him. Kufre Carter is now seen as a should-be beggar with a poverty mentality. We hear he now sells a bag of Nigerian rice at 2k. In present day Nigeria’s economy, such a beggar has enough to spare!

4 Million Saga!
On the 1st day of protest 13th Oct 2020 in Uyo, I saw “4 million” everywhere on the Uyo social media community but somehow the followers of Kufre Carter stood by him in trying times, an act which even Peter the biblical disciple of Jesus could not uphold.
Kufre’s followers spoke more for him than I ever heard from him. We heard and heard a lot of things that right now some people are apologizing to others for the aggressiveness and curses they meted out while defending human rights activist Kufre Carter. As much as Kufre means ‘don’t forget’ in Ibibio, Akwa-Ibom State youths may never forget his betrayal.

After denying anything that had to do with collecting any sum of money from some unnamed government officials, Kufre Carter still comes out to admit that he actually collected some money. This could be a case of when you tell a lie, you begin to tell multiple lies that you become confused. What has the Akwa-Ibom State youths and everyone concerned about the Uyo protest not seen nor heard since the mention of the sum of 4 million naira since the End SARS Protest in Uyo?

“I only received 500k to share among 5 people” and opening up per say.
“Since the protest was peaceful unlike some people expected, they decided to bring the 4 million naira gist.” I think we read that statement at some point and some how, that statement in particular does not hold much water anymore. Kufre Carter claims to have been asked to keep the matter discreet, but how do we know and talk about it now? Could it be a matter of the truth will always find its way out? I could say, in this present situation, there is a saying that there is a truth in every rumour but this isn’t just a rumour anymore. Could it be a matter of the public image of all Akwa-Ibom State youths worldwide at risk? What impetus to be greedy and incompetent!

Why did Kufre Carter really agree to indulge in a PRIVATE meeting of that calibre involving such people and concerning such a case? It is a case now. 2 million was supposed to go to the youths but even the youths who were supposed to be the beneficiaries had the money been for a good cause, were not fit to know where the funds is coming from. When has it been a crime for the governor of a state (represented by his officials or maybe not) to support the good cause of his people, that he should hide it? Oh I see why people insist that the governor wanted to buy Kufre over and shut his mouth and morals!

When Kufre’s Head and Mind Were Asleep.
For an activist like Kufre Carter, we would’ve thought that he’ll see when the “bad crowd” throw stones at him. Who were the two people who Kufre Carter took with him from the roundabout at Brooke’s street by Wellington Bassey way to Eni Stores in Uyo. In a comment I read online, Kufre Carter was blamed for not involving his comrades when he was made that offer… I ask again, who were those two people who followed Kufre Carter to Eni Stores so that he could collect the monetary kind gesture of the governor? I mean, we should think like Kufre for once and assume the money was ‘clean’.

Kufre Carter, you said you didn’t hear a word the governor said because you “walked away slowly when the governor mounted the podium to address the protesters.” I would’ve asked you, for the first time really, did the governor announce that he would give 4 million to support the cause of the protest? You left the governor to address the protesters since you were not one of them.
Obviously, an organizer does not participate in an event on the same levels as the invitees.

Did Kufre Carter Return The 500k When He Presumably Came To His Senses?
So far, from the statements Kufre has made on his Facebook personal profile which marked him agreeing to the fact that he had indeed collected money from some government officials at the location: Eni Stores, 4 Lanes Edet Akpan Avenue, Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State; but disagreed to the amount which was stated that he had collected, he did not mention having returned any sum of money at all. I am sure we all do not know the reason for this. After all, since we haven’t seen the “receipts of transaction” proving that he actually collected the money, maybe there is still more truths to find out. More so, if we had to wait for two public addresses by Kufre Carter, then in the next few public addresses we should expect newer truths from THE HORSE’S MOUTH.

We would’ve said that Kufre Carter has “refused” to return the money but just maybe, he hadn’t thought about returning it yet. Is it safe to say that the organizer of the Uyo Protest, who was leading the youths or supposed to have been leading the youths hasn’t still come to his senses? For someone who feels that he would run away at once and leave other concerned youths to their fate in the country if he had 4 million at hand, is it wise to call him a leader? What can such a leader not do to actualize his own wishes?

What We Have Seen Concerning The Carter Impetus.
Viewers and readers have seen and are saying a lot about the supposed greed, impatience and incompetence of a one time human rights activist. Some of these readers knowingly or unknowingly betray themselves with their thoughts spoken in public or they steam of pride and righteousness. Right now, where do I belong?

The Carter Impetus has made even stronger the assumption that we the youths of Uyo are ‘not ready’ according to Mike Jonah II. While I see comments like “I myself wouldn’t have done any better in that situation,” I begin to wonder if Samuel Jonah only wanted to put Kufre at ease so that he doesn’t really feel the wrath of almost everybody being against him.

Nevertheless, there are great Nigerians who feel he has misused the platform given to him and the level of trust which a good number of the Akwa-Ibom State youths in Uyo and all over the world had in him. The people are greatly disappointed in Kufre Carter right now and some have resorted to forgiving him since he is merely “human”. But, is Kufre really sorry? Is he worth another chance? Would the people trust this human rights activist again? Would he be called or perceived a human rights activist anymore? Would anyone who really held the interest of the people at heart do what Kufre did? Do we think Kufre is ready for the way forward now or is he getting prepared to fall deeper in the pit which he has successfully helped his enemies in digging for himself?


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