What It Feels Like To Be a Member of Yorochi Tv, a Popular Facebook Community

I posted a short write up about myself on a popular Facebook community called ‘Yorochi TV’, and a handful of the readers there had a lot to say about the length of that writing, eventhough many readers loved the writeup. Could there be an effective remedy to our ‘anti-reading’ age? Below is my introduction post as was published on Yorochi TV sometime in August 2020.


My Yorochi TV Introduction:


“I am Adorable Ayomide Godson, called Dora, Ay by my friends… I dunno how you see me but I’ve existed only 21 years on this warm and soothing surface often referred to as a global village. I know that the world is not soothing or warm always but we’re pushing to make our stay on it better, isn’t it?


I’ve got two siblings and I’m the only girl in my family. For those who know me, please don’t say ‘no wonder!’ I was born in Port-Harcourt, grew up there; but, I’ve lived a greater years of my life in Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State, Nigeria. Some of my relatives call me ‘Uyo girl’ and I agree because so far I’ve learnt how to feel at home in this calm, mostly peaceful capital city of Akwa-Ibom that’s got a less intriguing bustle compared to other major towns or cities in Nigeria.


My preference to reside in Uyo may be due to the truth that I’m more of an indoor person but quite a number of people often disbelieve that quote because I’m equally an outgoing person: as I like to admit to people, I’m a quiet person naturally but I rapport exceptionally with people I’m close with.


I’ve been meaning to write an autobiography but I placed my ink, rather put, virtual keyboard on hold because the wikipedia assumes that an autobiography may not be an absolutely reliable source of information concerning an individual. In my Intro to Prose class I was taught that one of the reasons why that may be so is because the writer may not be completely true about the information they give out/ exaggerate experiences in order to attract admiration or gain pity. So far, I haven’t made true those claims and neither do I plan to do so.


Now that I’ve embarked on this meticulous journey to tell you a little about myself, I hope you’ll be Interactive enough to feed me with some news about yourself. I’ll like to start by telling you that I’m your best proofreading plug when prose works such as biography, autobiography, essay, memoir, travelogue are involved. I am also a Freelance Editor and the above mentioned are more interesting and enjoyable for me since I’m an English Student at the University of Uyo. In order to spare you the task of asking me what level I am later; I had just resumed 200L before the COVID-19 Pandemic. A great way to make this post interactive is to slide into my DM with folders of jobs and works for me, I don’t remember ever turning any client down. In fact, I help you decide what grammatical look is best for that article no matter where you want to submit or upload it or who wants to grade it. Consider that a statement of assurance.


Usually, I like to use emojis for some write ups of this kind… okay, I’ll incorporate the use of emojis from the next paragraph. I believe it’ll spice up your reading,😜 I care about my audience that I had to start at once.🤗 Without letting these colourful emojis distract you, I’ll let you know the reason why I’ve come up with this introduction in the first place. Not less than 10 persons joined this group about two months ago after I informed them of my intention to participate in a reality show that will be hosted and organised by Yorochi TV, I am lucky that none of them has resorted to bothering my peace in a bid to always remind me of the reality show because I’d have no answer for them since the admin of the registration portal hasn’t offered any explanation as regards the delay. No qualms admins, I still like Yorochi TV.😍 But, don’t I deserve an explanation? 🤔


Besides liking Yorochi TV for the fun and vibes here, the major thing that got me glued is the Miss Yorochi TV competition. I fell in love with Yorochi TV then, and that as well, geared me into reconfirming my desire to participate in the reality show as I noticed the level of competence the judges displayed. Yorochi TV admins and executives are organized and dependable, not forgetting the dilligent moderators who put in great effort to help actualize the Yorochi dream.❤


Whether you’ve enjoyed this writing so far or no, I can’t put a period without telling you what my hobbies are ’cause that will be selfish of me, and selflessness is one of my best traits so I can’t go the other way. Before moving forward to mention other good qualities which I posses, let me tell you about my hobbies. I like to do my laundry when I’m free, watching YouTube videos are the least stressful thing I know, watching my brothers play PES is fun too, I love having many baths on a sunny day and smelling nice, relaxing is a great hobby for me as well. I’m not supposed to mention this right now, but my favourite snacks are a crunchy and tasty popcorn, peanut. I won’t mention my favourite foods, fruits & drinks and why I love them because that’s an entire topic on its own. 🙂😊😇🥰


Let me conclude by telling you what my other traits are. Besides being quiet and selfless, I’m loving, friendly sometimes, etc. 😁 I’ll love to mention more but I prefer others sing my praises. I’ve got interest in a range of professions as regards my future ambition and I look forward to exploring them. 😍😍

In case you’ve forgot my name after a long read, I’m Dora the only girl with visible dark spots and blemishes on Facebook.☺ I’m 5’11 in height and I’m dark in complexion; if I look brighter it’s the influence of my future, shebi you grab?😎😎”


The link to the original post on Yorochi TV platform is broken due to the fact that the popular Facebook group was disabled at that time. Yorochi TV has another functional group currently with over two hundred thousand (200k) members which everyone could join and become a part of a great big family. Enthusiastic members of Yorochi TV identify themselves with the ‘Yorochian’ tag, and you can become one today. Kindly drop your thoughts on the comment section as I leave you momentarily to craft more writings for your reading pleasure. T for Tenks!



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