Top 5 Breads In Uyo

I have quickly compiled a list of the top 5 most delicious bread in the city of Uyo. These loaves and slices will thrill your taste buds, especially when combined with a creamy cup of tea. Add a bread spread or some fried eggs if you want to top up your game! Let’s get right into the list of the top 5 bread in Uyo.

Top 5 most delicious bread in the city of Uyo

  • 1. Sir Monty Sliced Bread:

I placed this bread as number one because of its consistency in satisfying the consumer’s taste buds and its availability at the Sir Monty eateries. You can buy Sir Monty sliced bread any time and any day, it seems the bakery never runs out of stock. Sir Monty sliced bread is an assurance of a delicious and quality bread always available for your eating pleasure, while providing your body with essential nutrients. Go to Sir Monty at Ikpa Road (opposite first gate) or 4Lanes and buy your hunger quenching and enjoyable Sir Monty Sliced Bread.

  • 2. Love Bite/ Classic Cream:

Breads baked by eateries are the most popular in Uyo. But I have added these two because they aren’t sold at any eatery yet they possess heavenly deliciousness. Love Bite is a loaf filled with bits of honey, feels thick on the palm and yummy in the mouth. Classic Cream is a sliced bread with a great milky taste. Classic Cream reminds me of Irish Cream bread that used to sell at Ilorin some years ago.

  • 3. Nibbles Bread:

Nibbles bread is arguably the most popular bread in the city of Uyo. Nibbles bread is sweet and can be best enjoyed with custard or akamu. A lot of consumers enjoy the stretchy or elastic nature of the bread. The reason Nibbles bread is not top on the list even though it is the most popular is because of the stress which accompanies buying the bread from Kilimanjaro Fast Food some times. It seems the supply of the bread is usually shorter than the demand for it which leads to the unavailabity of the bread, a countless times.

  • 4. De Choice Bread:

De choice bread is best enjoyed when it is still sizzling. De Choice Mall have different types of bread, I enjoy eating some and I don’t enjoy eating some. Pick one of these loaves from De Choice Mall at Ikot-Ekpene Road and tell me your experience.

5. Baker’s Square:

The first time I tasted Baker’s Square bread, I had it with a ripe avocado. It was my best bread experience at that moment. But the second and and third times I got bread from Market Square had me wondering if the old bakers quit their jobs. The reason why Baker’s Square did not make it to top 3 is because of the bakery’s inconsistency in delivering a delicious loaf for consumers’ satisfaction.

  • Bonus!

Food Affairs Bread:

Food Affairs bread is the most underrated bread in the city of Uyo. I once had Food Affairs coconut bread with grilled chicken and my experience felt miraculous. I buy Food Affairs Bread (not coconut bread) from time to time and its softness is over the top. Food Affairs bread is soft and yummy, best enjoyed with either tea, pap or beans. Buy a loaf of Food Affairs bread from Food Affairs Fast Food or some supermarkets near you and confirm this goodness which I speak of. There you have the list of the top 5 best breads in the city of Uyo. Which bread do you consider the most delicious, and is there any bread you think missed the list? Let’s talk on the comments section, dear bread lovers.


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  1. At least I have taste 3 out of the five or rather 6 but all I can say is
    I devour anyone I see at anytime
    You see bread, I no get spec πŸ˜‚

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