Girl Child Day Celebration

I came across a post on my Facebook newsfeed and I started feeling as if I could save the world! Omo!

International Day of The Girl Child

I couldn’t help but notice the image of myself since it’s among the highlighted photos on the Facebook post.😍😍

I also noticed a funny comment on the post.👇🏽We know Facebook is a cruise zone.😂

Girl child day celebration

The original post was made by ‘Indispensable’ on Facebook. Happy International Day of the Girl Child to all the amazing women around the world.💪🏽 The value which a strong woman adds to the society cannot be overemphasized. As such, may all young girls walk virtuously through the path of greatness while adding their own positive quota in the world we live in everyday.

Thanks for reading and remember to give a supreme shout out to all the wonderful girls in your life. Praise yourself if you’re a strong woman.💐

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