Celebrity’s Deaths Who Really Shocked Me

There is a popular saying that death is inevitable. Celebrities and common men will die one day. But no matter how informed we are concerning death, we are unconsciously shocked or left in disbelieve when we receive the news of some people’s deaths. We’re sure that everybody will die one day but we don’t really know when that is. I have carefully compiled a list of celebrity’s deaths that left me unconscious for some moments when I first heard about it. Below is a list of celebrity’s deaths who shocked me.


Sam Loco Efe was a Nigerian actor before his death. The news I heard that morning is that Sam Loco died in a hotel room where he was lodging during a shoot. I was surprised because I didn’t see Sam Loco as old enough to die. I liked the comedy roles he played in our Nollywood home videos, especially accompanied with his children ‘Aki and Pawpaw’.



I remember the scenes in one particular film where this strong old man, Enebili, was one of the major actors, and I and my younger brother made an inside joke from this film. We enjoyed the comedy we both crafted from this film that it left pictures of Enebili crafted in my head till today. I was really surprised when I heard about Enebili’s death.



There was a time I really preferred listening to music or checking out music videos but that soon turned out differently after two years. Well, I’m not totally a movie freak on the other hand. I had seen Black Panther about six times in a year after it was released. I created my own cinematic experience in our living room or the bed room every time. It’s time I told you T’Challa was my favourite character in Black Panther.

I woke up to numerous post, on Facebook, about the actor behind that character. I was still wondering what the subject of celebration could be until I read ‘RIP’ captioned on Chadwick’s photo on my babe’s story. I left Facebook messenger to other social apps and it became clearer that something terrible had happened. I felt cold instantly and I missed him immediately.



My reaction to Muna’s death was a mixture of shock, pain, disappointment and slight guilt. I loved Muna’s demeanour and gentle nature throughout his roles in Nollywood, I considered him talented in acting. Prior to his death, I read a post online concerning his critical health condition. This post was soliciting for financial support in order to take care of Muna in his slow and unexciting sick days. I got more saddened when I imagined how hard such times must have been for him and his family. Muna was announced dead shortly, say two weeks, after I read that post online.

I felt that if proper attention was given to his condition then he wouldn’t have died from that sickness. The issue of raising enough funds for his medical bills might have been a problem. But health care has been mainly underrated in our dear nation. Must we fly abroad for everything which critically concerns our health, thereby increasing the bills and other expenses (inconveniences)? I had wished I was in a position to save Muna. RIP.

It been years after these celebrities passed away but I still vividly remember their active career days. It’s sad that I can’t bring any of them back to live irrespective of how I feel about each one’s demise, but may their souls continue to rest in peace. After making this list of celebrity’s deaths who shocked me, I pray that more names shall not be added to this list. See you next time, and always remember to drop your comments on every post/ share them with who you think might be interested in reading it. Thanks.


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