My January’s Collection Of Scents and Fragrances

My friend, Mimi, was at my place today and she likened me to one of her course mates at school who usually has a variety of perfumes and colognes in her closet.

Explore silver

Well, I know I’ve got a thing for sweet scents and fragrances, which is why I love to have at least a piece of each when it comes to roll on, fragrance mist and perfume at all times. Meanwhile, I made a list of my collection of fragrances in the month of January on my personal Facebook profile , and I wasn’t surprised when someone left a comment ‘for why all this?’

406 ‘Hibiscus’ bottled in a Swiss cologne container😂

Scents and fragrances may be therapeutic for some people. For some, it can be inspiring. Some people really love to smell nicely. Smelling nice may boost their confidence and increase their productivity. What value do you attach to scents and fragrances? For me, a particular scent or fragrance might remind me of a person or an event. Fragrances gladden my heart and makes me feel good. That is why, besides purchasing sweet scented body mists and body sprays, I fantasize about producing air fresheners and signature perfumes, or owning a parfumerie to say the least.

Midnight pomegranate

I took snapshots of some bottles of scents which I’ve included on this blogpost. The pictures you see are photos of some of the fragrances which I earlier mentioned on my Facebook post. I added the list for your perusal as well. Which of these fragrances would you love to try?


1. Explore silver

2. Tomm Ford ‘Brown orchid’

3. Be happy

4. Xeplore

5. Capiece 

6. Aloha

7. 406 ‘Hibiscus’

8. Swiss cologne

9. Vovi ‘White Gardenia’ 

10. Veetgold ‘midnight pomegranate’

11. Levels

12. Golden girl

13. Lattafa ‘Bade’e Al OuOud’

14. Seduction

15. Explore black

16. Expose black

17. Black orchid

18. 359

I could easily write quick stories concerning all the items on the list because there is a memory to each of them. How much do you love scents and fragrances? Tell me about it via the comment section/ email and then we could interact. See you soon.

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