Tea and Bread, My Favourite Food

Living in Nigeria and having tea and bread as my favourite food has to be the most awkward choice_ judging from how many people have reacted surprised whenever I answered that my favourite meal is tea and bread.

Creamy tea

I think why tea and bread is my favourite food is because I grew up having it everyday. As a kid, tea and bread was my family’s regular breakfast. A creamy tea accompanied with yummy and delicious bread is unmatched.

Bubbles of chocolates in

I love how fulfilled I feel after having a cup of tea. I love to have a cup of tea at least once in a day, no matter where I am. Having a cup of tea specially made by me has become a part of my living because it seems to be more therapeutic for my body as each month passes.

Dora AY enjoying a cup of tea

I love my tea and bread whether the weather be hot or cold. A cup of cold tea is good for a hot weather and vice versa. In a subsequent post, I’d make a list of the best kinds of bread which I love to eat and the different bakeries which make these loaves and slices. Share this post if you found it interesting and comment your favourite meal below if you have one. See you soon.

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