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Likely Weekend Routine

It’s another weekend and I might remind you of why you shouldn’t leave your bedsheets on the bed for more than 7 days (even if nothing fishy occurred during the week). Some people don’t wash their bedsheet regularly because the bedsheet does not look nice. They are ashamed in advance because what if someone sights the …

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Blood Sisters on Netflix Movie Review

Not me laughing at how cold heartedly Kate Henshaw switched tones when Timeyin was consoling her at the dinning table. I saw the brutality in a supposed mother’s eyes then. But moving on, we get to see that Mrs Ademola only passed down the hatred she felt for her deceased husband down to the children she had for him

Oga Yenne Business Support Fund Winners at YEBRA Awards 2021

The Nigerian entrepreneurial space gain more recognition as the Yenne brand recognized and honoured well meaning entrepreneurs at the Yenne Business Recognition Award YEBRA Awards 2021 which took place on 28th April, 2022. Yenne Business Recognition Award (YEBRA) is a platform where creativity, accountability and resourcefulness is being acknowledged and appreciated, and honour brought to …

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