How The Death Of Late Prophet TB Joshua May Affect The Growth Of His Church.



The sudden death of the leader and founder of The Synagogue Church of All Nations, Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua (popularly known as T.B Joshua), came as a shock to us and is still very painful to many.

Late Prophet T.B Joshua was a charismatic leader and man of God who walked in the path of the Lord. He was a man who always made sure that his people never lacked anything, his numerous deeds ticked the box as a philanthropist. It is saddening that such a great man has left this side of the world so soon.

In this article, I want us to look at how the death of Late Prophet T.B Joshua may affect the growth of his church, The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN).
This article is based on personal research and may not reflect the thought of the general public or any identifying member of or persons associated with the late T.B. Joshua/ The Synagogue Church of all Nations.

The Synagogue Church of All Nations is a christian megachurch located in Lagos State, and also has a popular Television Channel known as Emmanuel TV. The church became really popular and had lot of members due to the activities of Late Prophet T.B Joshua and how he led. One attribute that really kept prophet T.B Joshua’s followers glued to this man of Yahweh is his preaching style. I remember my mum particularly loved his style of teaching too.

However, with some recent findings put together alongside my personal opinion, I have reached a level of conclusion concerning how the death of Late Prophet T.B. Joshua may affect the growth of his church. Let’s dive right into that!

The first on my list would be “Reduction in members”.

The members who were in the church because of Late Prophet T.B Joshua, might decide to leave after his death.

Obviously, most of the members of the church see Late Prophet T.B Joshua as their spiritual father, leader and role model. Anything he says is what they believe in and those people might tend to backslide after his sudden death.

Most of these members also went to the Synagogue Church to encounter healings as he was a devoted prophet who was given the power to heal by God. And coming to think of it, now that he is gone, they might decide to leave as the man who they were hoping and believing in is no more alive. Surely, this would definitely affect the growth of the church.

Another factor which may likely be affected in the Synagogue Church of All Nations following its founder’s death is “Income”

I would say that Late Prophet T.B was the main source of generating income for the church and if the members reduce, the income of the church would surely reduce.

The ministry got a good percentage of its income from the tithes, offerings and contributions from steadfast members and upright followers of the late prophet’s teachings and good course.

Number three on how the death of T.B. Joshua will eventually affect the growth of his church is “Popularity”

The Synagogue Church of All Nations got the fame it has today because of Late Prophet T.B Joshua who is the leader and founder. Now that he is no more alive, this might affect the popularly of the church and of course the growth.

Recall the church has a popular TV Channel Known as Emmanuel TV and most people were always glued to their TV screen to watch the charismatic prophet and spiritual leader. Now that he is no more alive, some people might lose interest in watching the TV programme.

Next on how the growth of T.B. Joshua’s church will be affected after his sudden death is “Management”

Late Prophet TB Joshua controlled most of the managerial aspect of the church as the leader. Now that he is no more alive, would there be anyone to do it as perfect as he had, for all these years? Well, let’s hope so. But if there is no one to give the church a perfect management, then it would affect the growth of the church.

Those are the few points I came up with as regards the effects which the demise of prophet T.B. Joshua would or may have on The Synagogue Church of All Nations.

Do you agree with me on this? You are free to add your own opinion, thoughts, corrections and arguments in the comment section below.

Stay tuned as there’ll be more regular updates to this post. Thank you for reading this far and remember to visit next time.

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