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About Author

I’m called Dora AY and I’d be 22 on 16th April, I’m not overwhelmed by the fact that I’m getting older but I strive to live better with every new year that comes. I reside in Akwa-Ibom State with my family.

I’m a student and I try to generate income for myself by spending time on hobbies that pay. For instance, I’m an undergraduate English student at the University of Uyo, Uyo and I’m learning how to edit professionally. I have also enrolled in a 4 weeks cooking course, so I’ll add recipes delight to the number of things I do for fulfillment.

I look forward to a successful career path for myself in some years as I hold virtues like humility, perseverance and dedication so dearly. I am a Nigerian from Rivers State and I speak Obolo, Nigerian pidgin, English, and a little Ibibio. I have some dream languages which I’ll tell you about in due time.